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We do installation and system designing of home solar systems. This is achieved after doing proper sizing and load profile analysis. The home solar system comprised of solar panels, solar batteries, inverter and connecting accessories

At ATG, we are brand agnostic, meaning that we’re not tied into using specific products or manufacturers when we design and install your solar PV system. As a result, we can ensure that we recommend the best possible solution for your requirements and budget, and are 100% transparent about the products we use for our installations.

If you choose ATG Solar to provide and install your solar PV system, we will discuss the various options available to you to make sure that the products we use are the best possible fit for your specific needs and budget.

Why do we need choice?

Solar panels aren’t all the same. The most obvious difference is that some solar panels are bigger than others. If you’re a homeowner looking to put them on your roof, you may need smaller panels to ensure that they fit. If you’re a business owner and have a lot of unused roof space, larger panels offer a cheaper solution to maximize the amount of electricity you generate.

How does this affect price?

Most manufacturers of solar panels have several options available.Most manufacturers of solar panels have several options available. We will guide you through the process of which panel is most suitable for your home. We will let you know the benefits of different panels, and how you can make the most of your installation. We’re on hand to tell you what the best options are for your needs.


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PV Solar Panels

ATG imports and distributes PV solar panels for home, office and industrial solar power systems. We offer three different types of solar panels: polycrystalline & monocrystalline solar panels. Each technology offers unique benefits best suited to various applications. Speak to one of our knowledgeable technical sales consultants about the perfect panel for your project.

  1. SOLAR GEYSERS – Solar geysers are the most economical water heating sources. With the sun being the heating source, you get to save on the electrical bills.
  2. SOLAR BOREHOLES – It consists of a dc or ac pump system in which the electricity is provided by one or more PV panels types of solar panels. A typical solar powered pumping system is made up of solar panels that powers an electric motor, which in turn power a bore or surface pump.
  3. SYSTEM UPGRADES & MAINTENANCE – A system upgrade typically involves adding new hardware or updating software to increase the functionality of a system. However, system upgrades also have many less-known benefits such as an increase in the lifespan and better efficiency of computer equipment.
Watts 10 - 330
Voltage 21.46 - 46.24
Product Warranty: 5 to 10years
Performance Warranty up to 25 years